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Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to complete transfer?
For most cases, it takes few minutes. But, in some cases, it might take few hours (under 24 hours)
Is it safe to transfer via Pax Credit?
We partner only with Central Bank's authorized entities globally making money transfer via Pax Credit safe and secure
What purposes are valid for money transfer?
We support educational expenses and living expenses/ family maintenance purposes currently
What kind of fees are applicable?
Zero, if the transfer amount is greater than USD 1000/ CAD 1000. For lower amount, it is USD 5/ CAD 5.
How many currencies are supported?
We support USD, CAD, INR, GBP and EUR currently. Our currencies list keeps growing, and if your currency is not supported, please let us know
Are there any transfer limits?
Transaction limit of USD 10,000 equivalent is applicable. For higher amounts of transfer, a supporting document would be required. For annual limits, please refer to our article
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