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Refer your friends to use Pax Credit. If their first transaction with Pax Credit for Forex card or remittance product (wire transfer, demand draft) is USD 5000 or more, then you’ll get a ₹200 and your friend would get ₹100 Amazon India gift card.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Does the minimum first transaction amount vary based on foreign currency?


Foreign CurrencyMinimum first transaction*
United StatesOver 5000 USD
CanadaOver 6500 CAD
EuropeOver 4500 EUR
United KingdomOver 4000 GBP
AustraliaOver 7000 AUD
Any other currencyOver 5000 USD*

*Transaction amount of other foreign currency should be of value more than USD 5000 on the day of the transaction.

What are the eligibility requirements?

+ To be eligible for this reward, you must invite friends who have not transacted through Pax Credit
+ You must have used this referral page to invite your friend prior to the transaction
+ Your friend must successfully complete the minimum first transaction amount

Can I refer multiple friends to try Pax Credit?

Yes, you can refer multiple friends and earn a gift card for each friend’s transaction meeting the minimum first transaction amount.

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