India’s Best Dollar Rate Guarantee | Money Exchange

We won’t be beat on exchange rate in India

Pax Credit is dedicated to always offering the best exchange rate for its customers. We will match the exchange rate, at the time of placing an order, if you find the Forex card or remittance products (wire transfers, demand drafts) at a lower exchange rate with lower service fees at any major online store or a local competitor’s store.

Since forex rates change every second, please ensure that you provide us with a quote that is no more than 1 hour old

Here’s How It Works:

+ If you find a qualifying lower quote for Forex product, WhatsApp or call (+91) 99089-02699  or email to hello@paxcredit.com and direct our support team to the website or quote received with the lower rate.

+ On a qualifying Forex card or remittance product, Pax Credit will then verify the exchange rate and match it.

*Exclusions apply including, but not limited to, competitors’ special daily or hourly sales, and special prices for sale at festivals.


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