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Best currency exchange rate always

We offer you foreign currency at the exact interbank rate with ZERO additional charges. In other words, you get the foreign exchange currency for free!

Pax Credit Forex Card

Zero card associated charges

Pax Credit has ZERO charges usually associated with Forex cards
+ ZERO activation charge
+ ZERO reloading/unloading charge
+ THREE free ATM withdrawals

Pax Credit Support

Personalized responsive support

We enjoy delighting our customers by speedy resolution. Get responsive and personalized support while dealing with banks even after the sale.


How long is the prepaid Forex (travel) card valid?

Prepaid Forex (travel) card is valid for a period of 5 years starting from the order date

Are there any additional (hidden) charges while purchasing Forex card?

Pax Credit has an exclusive partnership so as to offer ZERO charges for Forex card activation/ loading/ reloading and unloading. Further, Forex card ordered through Pax Credit comes with 3 free ATM withdrawals (i.e, withdrawal charges will be credited to the card within 30 working days)

What is the standard ATM withdrawal fee?

Every ATM withdrawal attracts transaction charge as shown below

*Standard Cash Withdrawal Fee at International Visa ATMs

USD 2.00EUR 1.50GBP 1.25AUD 2.50CAD 2.50CHF 2.50
JPY 250.00SGD 3.25SEK 15.00AED 7.25SAR 7.25THB 80.00
NZD 3.25HKD 15.00ZAR 25.00DKK 14
* Standard Cash Withdrawal Fee mentioned above are as per standards of Axis bank, which may change without any prior intimation

Which bank’s Forex card does Pax Credit offer?

Pax Credit provides single currency as well as multi-currency Forex cards of either Axis Bank/ HDFC Bank/ ICICI Bank. Most of the Forex cards are powered by Visa while some are powered by MasterCard.

How long does it take for the door delivery?

Orders placed before 1 pm are delivered on the same day before 7 pm. Whereas the orders received after 1 pm may be delivered on the same day or we guarantee the delivery on the next working day.