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We help people who bet on themselves

By combining technology and our personal experience, we are building more transparent and reliable financial products for the international student community

What makes us tick?

Our Story

The thesis for Pax Credit originated from the personal experience of Abhinov while he was moving from India to Singapore for his education.

Building Pax Credit has been a part of our lives since then...
“We are building the best platform to get your financial life sorted, wherever you go”
Abhinov — Founder, Pax Credit

Our Beliefs

Moving money across borders should be as seamless as moving money within borders

Credit systems should be built around people's lives and not the other way

Our Investors

Building enduring companies requires support from partners that have been there and done that

We are glad to be backed by Techstars that supported many world-class companies
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Build global financial products

Join our team if you enjoy building things

You want to be part of a high performing team
You want to maximize learnings for your career
You take pride in your craft
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