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Sending money abroad with Pax Credit is easier, faster, and cheaper than with your bank.

Best Exchange Rate
Instant Funds Transfer
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An online bank account designed for you with the highest savings interest rate. Get started now.

Zero Monthly Fees
Zero Minimum Balance
Open Account Pre-arrival

A credit card that works for you and earns you amazing rewards. Get access now.

No SSN or ITIN Required
No Foreign Transaction Fees
No Security Deposit Required
What Makes Pax Credit Different?

Faster. Easier. Cost-effective.

90 secs

“There is excellent support behind Pax Credit. If you have any questions, they’ll not just explain but walk you through it.”

Srikrishna, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“Incredible service for paying university tuition fees from the convenience of home!”

Harika, Michigan State University

“This is really helpful while paying tuition, accommodation and visa fees!”

Satyanaryana, University of Southampton

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